floral design in cologne

Isabelle Niehsen, formerly a KHM student, is working as a floral designer in her own studio now and her work looks fantastic:

Inspiriert vom traditionellen Pariser L´ Art du Bouquet, flämischer Blumenmalerei aus dem XVI Jahrhundert, und natürlich der Natur selber entsteht hier Freude.

Die Natur ist so facettenreich dass auf künstliche Hilfsmittel gänzlich verzichtet werden kann denn die Natur macht Vieles weitaus besser als wir.

Où j´ai grandi als neue Plattform für Künstler, Designer, Umweltprojekte und Produzenten aus dem grünen Bereich und mit dem Versprechen dass hier in Zukunft einiges passieren wird.

Isabelle Niehsen
[floral designer]

Rathenauplatz 7
50674 Köln

phone: 0049 (0)221.168.752.83
fax: 0049 (0)221.168.752.84
mobile: 0049 (0)157.853.278.36




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hope | conceptstore sthlm

Don’t miss.

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books about processing

FORM+CODE  by Casey Reas and Chandler McWilliams

Casey has been hard at work with Chandler McWilliams and LUST to write
“FORM+CODE in Design, Art, and Architecture”, a non-technical introduction
to the history, theory, and practice of software in the arts. It’s densely
packed with diverse projects and images. The book’s website has a nice set
of introductory Processing examples: http://formandcode.com


Buy at amazon:
Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture (Design Briefs)

The excellent new book “Processing for Visual Artists: How to Create
Expressive Images and Interactive Art” by Andrew Glassner is now available.
It’s the longest Processing book yet coming in at 955 pages, and it’s also
well written, clearly organized, and full color throughout.
Buy at amazon:
Processing for Visual Artists: How to Create Expressive Images and Interactive Art

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Simple but sophisticated wordpress themes

WP Shower offers some very nice looking wordpress themes, which instantly impressed me. Haven’t tried one, but sure will soon:

WP Shower

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Design und Kunst auf einem Kontinuum

Ich habe mich schon immer gefragt, wo die Grenze ist, bzw. wer die bestimmt.
Für mich gibt es keine. Ich empfinde einen fliessenden Übergang und genau der ist das interessante an der Sache.
Der b-side table von betatank veranschaulicht das schön, das Buch von den Gestalten “taxing art” sicherlich bald auch (kommt April 2011 raus):


Beta Tank

Introducing the b-side tableBeta Tank releases its newest object from the Taxing Art series, the b-side table, commissioned by Dilmos Gallery, Milan for the Unison exhibition during Milano Salone (April 2011). Alongside, Beta Tank releases the new book Taxing Art, published by Gestalten (May 2011) .

The b-side table is the last object from the Taxing Art series, a project which examined the effect tax laws have on art and design. The b-side table is the latest object, which plays with the idea that furniture can be both functional and nonfunctional, which decides whether or not pieces can be taxed at a 7% VAT rate or a 19% VAT. The table is half hand-made and have machine-made; the hand-made half is sculptured in such a way that it renders it useless as a table, thus incurring a 7% VAT (functionality being what German law uses to distinguish design from art), but the other half is a regular coffee table and would incur a 19% VAT.

In recent years, the boundaries between art and design have become more and more blurred. Today, it is not the object itself, but rather its economic functionality that determines its categorization. Astonishingly, it is often customs officials who subjectively decide what constitutes art and design based on their personal views and erratic local tax laws.

Alongside these objects, Beta Tank is releasing Taxing Art, an ironic, clever documentation and analysis of the effect of traditional, bureaucratic procedures on innovative work. It is a revealing, illustrated essay that puts the spotlight on the largely underestimated effect that tax laws have on where design ends and art begins. The book features all five objects that were made in response to these stringent laws, as well as the narrative of the objects’ unique 12,000-kilometer journey to test the tax laws around the world.

(Text: Gestalten Verlag, http://www.gestalten.com/news/beta-tank)

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Generative Design and Code

The book “Generative Gestaltung” of the Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz shows images generated by code. Ideas of designers and programmers, translated into maschine language and visualized through printers and screens.
All the processing codes are available through the following website:

Generative Gestaltung

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Typodance from Frank Höhne

great typoanimation for a song of Norman Palm

YouTube Preview Image
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draw and fold over

funny game for lazy autumn afternoons



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new game design

YouTube Preview Image
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Yellow is the new grey




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