draw and fold over

funny game for lazy autumn afternoons



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new game design

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gameart exhibitions

pong.mythos, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart: 11.02-30.04.2006
artgames, Ludwig Forum, Aachen: 17.12.2005 – 05.03.2006

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game companies

small, funny corporate games:

critical games:


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game conferences

Computer Game Technology Conference (2004)
Game On: 2000 ,
2001 ,
2002 ,
2003 ,
GameOn’NA 2005
The Game On conference and the current state of research into learning

Narrative Intelligence AAAI 1999 Fall Symposium
RE:PLAY (1999) “Real world Conference: Game design + Game Culture”

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game academics

Entertainment Technology Center
University of Alberta Games Group
Game Research Lab (University of Tampere)
Center for Computer Games Research IT University of Copenhagen
Interactive Entertainment Group Northwestern University
Game Culture & Technology Lab UCI
Institute for Creative Technologies USC
EA Game Innovation Lab USC

Video Game Research Site Purdue
How They Got Game : History and Culture of Interactive Simulations and Video Games, at Stanford Humanities Lab
Serious Games : Improving Public Policy through Game-Based Learning and Simulation and the Serious Games Summit . (See also this 2004 CIE article article by Ben Sawyer and this (older?) site.)
Game Technology Research at Brown
Computer Games Group University of Maastricht
Liquid Narrative Group North Carolina State University
InteractiveStory.net and Faade
Experimental Game Lab Georgia Tech
Research in Interactive Narratives University of Teesside
Game Development Society (“Stop playing alone, play together!”) Leeds University
Narratology – projects, debates and resources in narrative theory
Grand Text Auto – group blog about interactive narrative, games, poetry, and art.
The Education Arcade – The Future of Videogames in Education

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readings in gamedesign

Game Design, Marc Saltzmann, 2000 X-Games
Joysticks, Eine illustrierte Geschichte der Game-Controller 1972-2004, Winnie Forster, Stephan Freundorfer, Gameplan
Spielkonsolen und Heim-Computer, 256 Geräte von 1972-2002, Winnie Forster, Gameplan
re:play, ultimate game graphics, Liz Faber, 1998 Laurence King Publishing
Game on, The history and Culture of Computergames, Lucien King, 2002 Laurence King Publishing
Supercade, a visual history of the videogame age 1971-1984, Van Burnham, 2001 MIT Press, http://www.supercade.com
Trigger happy, Steven Pool


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