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Yellow is the new grey




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Sneakers: Creative Recreation

These shoes are designed to fill the gap between dress shoes and aethletic sneakers. An eclectic mix of colors, form and style. Especially the Cesario and the diCoco model. The one we really liked and saw in Miami Beach, we could not find on the website…still it is worth a visit:



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8020: interesting shoes and boots

Coming from the sneaker’s section, NYC based designer Ce Ce Chin creates really nice boots. The ones I liked the most are from the Fall 2007 collection: Tamara. They look very unique due to their hidden wedges and have soft, good quality leather. Most of the other shoes are out of linen though. I found them in Miami Beach in a very nice shop (www.univ-shop.com), unfortunately they are sold out almost everywhere. But some other shoes I found on their website look great as well. http://www.8020nyc.com
The ideology behind 80%20 came from the designer’s observation that we tend to wear our favorite 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, which is very charming and probably true.


all pictures from www.8020nyc.com
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